app solutions 2013

Real Time Communications

EmergNet provides emergency back-up call services when cellular services are unavailable.

Media-Liveonthenet 2001

New Media

In 2003 LiveOnTheNet broadcast over 1,000 live sporting events and in 2004 launched over 50 radio stations. Since 2005, LOTN has continued to expand new media offerings by combining advancing VOIP acceptance with existing LOTN products to produce various types of new content.

Talkr 2006

Innovative Communications

Talkr created a new interactive platform that allows audio advertising in podcasts as well as live voice chats. This exciting capability – combining automatic podcasts and interactive voice chats in a single platform – helped bloggers and content developers reach the critical mass they need to monetize their efforts effectively.

Expert Discovery,LLC 2012

Consulting / Technical and Financial Audits

Expert Discovery is a specialized services organization focused on legal support, revenue recovery, and improving compliance capabilities for both government and business.